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Former Laiki Bank Building Sydney CBD - Commercial Building Refurbishment 
Cementio Groups Commercial Department is comprised of experienced Project Managers with the ability to take on large to small commercial briefs. The team shares the same passion for construction and getting it right the first time. Cemento Group's high standards reflects directly back to the quality end results seen in every commercial project.Cemento Group Commercial Division has also completed numerous developments for private investors and clients now looking to venture with government type clientele. Projects completed in Sydney CBD and Sydney's fringe areas has seen Cemento become a preferred builder through-out the industry. 

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Cemento Group works closely with each client to understand the existing service infrastructure and requirements to explore how services are reticulated and how they can be utilised within refurbishment and extension projects.

We work within existing commercial infrastructure enabling us to make suggestions and decisions on how can convert it into various desired retail and commercial uses.The planning, execution and management of each project is important to us, our wealth of experience enables us to handle this accordingly.

Our Unique construction management services have been developed over many years based on our experience with a wide variety of projects.

We are prepared to provide these services, as the client, in two phases: Pre-Construction and Construction. Immediately upon selection as your Construction Manager, Cemento Group will undertake an in-depth review of all existing schematic designs and advise the client and Architect of potential high-cost areas, constructability issues, alternate materials and methods to maintain schedule deadlines, and point out potential problems relating to availability of labor and/or materials needed in the proposed design.

In addition and concurrent with the design review, an itemised budget will be prepared for discussion, review and approval by the Architect and Client. This itemised process will be cross-checked with an estimator.

As the development of design documents are underway, Cemento Group will commence with the creation of a detailed estimate. Our unique feasibility and engagement is of high importance when handing a finished product to our clients.

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Cemento Group is an established construction and development company with an extensive portfolio of successful mixed use Residential developments.

Cemento Group Sydney have engaged in some of Sydney's iconic areas and bringing suburbs to life.Spanning three generations, the company continues to hold true to the values on which it was founded: integrity, respect, hard work,and holding itself to the highest standards.

It is committed to remaining at the forefront of the industry through intelligence and insight, capability and adaptability, innovation and vision.The Cemento team has decades of experience in Residential property development and specialises in all aspects of property and land identification, planning and approvals, design, construction,commercial fit-out, leasing and ongoing management of projects. With the capacity to provide a comprehensive end-to-end service, the team can tailor the following process of engagement around our clients brief from;

Project Acquisitions, Development Approvals, Council, Government. Statutory authorities, Planning Regulations, Design, Facilitate Construction, Preparation, On-site personnel, Quality Controls,Consistently, Design & Construct, Commercial development, Residential development skill-sets, hand-over and completed projects. Project Management all the way to hand over with a team dedicated to thoroughly engaging in house defect liability to ensure quality controls are met on all avenues.


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Warehouses, plants, shopping malls, and supermarkets we have dedicated design and construct teams to build a turn key solution for our clients. We apply a fast and efficient construction method in order to ensure the project’s profitability. Industrial and commercial buildings must are unique in there way as they require with-stranding heavy loads and structural fortitute. 

Cemento Group provides durable, low maintenance structures. We focus on effective value and work within timely structured time tables suitable for international to national company relocations. We also work closely with Corporate Real Estate agencies in supporting there nieche requirements in assisting tenants to owners to even company and institutional firms. 

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Cemento Group prides itself on being a leader in the Residential & Commercial development sector due to an unmatched systems approach.


Extensive experience in all construction areas and development, particularly with directorship and management team processes. Bringing a deep understanding of the industry and what it takes to consistently deliver successful projects. Experience is more than longevity: it’s a clear track record of meeting challenges and producing results.


The high standards that Cemento Group engages. Advanced products selected, high-quality finishes applied, and impressive structures completed year after year. Partners and clients can be assured of excellence excellence everytime.


Cemento Group understands what is important to each client and is committed to incorporating those elements into the partnership, the processes, and all the way to the completed project. What the client values, the team values as a result.


A thorough risk management process, coupled with extensive experience in planning, scheduling, project management, and resolving challenges, ensures that projects are delivered within maximum efficiency deadlines.


Having considered structures and processes are in place, and employing the right people to fulfil each role thus ensures that the business consistently provides outstanding service to clients. Including clear and regular communication, and immediate care and attention to detail is imperative.


Residential and Commercial Property builders within the development sector, Cemento Group continues to encourage its staff to keep up with trade tech's and implementing safety and innovative ideas across all bulds. Latest trends to be astute innovators and think creatively whilst challenging personal conventional methods.

Social responsibility

The directors believe that residential and commercial construction and development has a significant impact on local communities and are determined to ensure that impact is positive and that we engage in the community to ensure general all round ethics are met.


We deliver high quality bespoke fitouts in tight timeframes, where attention to detail and appreciation of good design set us apart.Value add and focusing on front-end processes whilst maintaining tenant communication.

Construction Services

Construction requires a strong focus on operational discipline, technical expertise, commercial outcomes, and risk mitigation. Our strong relationships with subcontractors and suppliers gives us access to a broad pool of talent.


Refurbishment projects not only combine our construction knowledge, it is an intergral part in providing strategic support that can be the difference between a viable refurbishment or a demolition and re-build.


Coupled with our deep knowledge of the Australian property sector, makes Cemento Group a development partner of choice. Spanning three generations and over 100 years of combined property knowledge.

Scale and Certainty

Cemento Group provides absolute certainty on execution and delivery offering greater peace of mind for our clients. We’ve no doubt built our reputation on being the most responsive builders in Sydney's marketplace.

What sets us apart

Values are the measure for everything we do - a benchmark for how we act, who we hire and the way we deliver. A strong culture means that every every person understands how and why we do things differently.

Turn Key Solution

With projects ranging from $10million to $100million new builds to smaller scale fitouts, theres no lack of confidence when our client's needs are met without the bureaucracy and red tape.


We recognise that the overall responsibility to provide a safe workplace rests with management, accountability and implementation comes without comprimise. These vital procedures are at not exception

Our team

And it's not just the community that benefits from our end product. Social efforts on site and off such as charity events, team bonding and continual motivation is essential for rapid productivity and momentum.

Surpassing clients expectations is Cemento Group's number one aim, customising and tailoring our delivery process everytime ...